Grey Gecko has developed a flexible inspection platform for enhanced fleet sustainability (FIPES). The system is designed to detect early damage to sub-coatings and structures and monitors fleet trends throughout the asset lifecycle. FIPES unites our advanced NDI coating inspection capabilities with a secure central database for impact and trend analysis.


Our focus is on DoD's traditional paint coatings, Low Observable (LO) and Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC). These coating systems, as with conventional paint coatings, are exposed to damage profiles throughout their lifecycle. Coating damage -- especially incipient defects underneath coatings such as corrosion and cracking -- often go undetected until the mission readiness of the asset is compromised. In addition, key asset information and sustainability trends across fleets are not effectively captured due to lack of traceability throughout the inspection and maintenance processes.


The FIPES design is intended for easy operation, high fidelity, and provides both real-time operator feedback and a robust defect database.


• Enable easy auditing of defect databases

• Accurate measurements are easy to make with little training required

• Battery powered, handheld and light weight for ease of use to meet operation requirements

• Measurements are consistent between operators

• Real-time, hotographic documentation of measurements for auditing/review

• Field tested in DoD Depot Maintenance facility to meet rigorous day-to-day requirements

• Can track growth, corrosion expansion, or changes to existing defects

• Helps eliminate duplication of defect entries

• Does not require setting up or calibrating specialized equipment

• Optical data transfer eliminates security classification issues

• Can be accomplished quickly and accurately in any location

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