Innovative Research & Technology Solutions


Grey Gecko combines design, development, testing and manufacturing capabilities to deliver custom solutions that address the evolving needs of
DoD and the next-generation warfighter.


Grey Gecko has developed a flexible inspection platform for enhanced fleet sustainability (FIPES). The
system is designed to detect early damage to coatings and structures and monitor fleet trends
throughout the asset lifecycle.

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DoD Partners

Our NDI technology has been developed to meet the growing demands of DoD, NDE/NDI community, including NRL, NAVSEA, US Army, and USAF.

Commercial Partner

Grey Gecko has been awarded an 18 month assessment effort with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (LM Aero) Sustainment Operation to pilot collaborative technologies through Independent Research & Development (IRAD) funding for the specific purpose of detecting early corrosion on military aircraft.

The objective of this project is to use the assessment to enable LM to position long-term for 5th Gen and the next generation of combat and support sustainment contracts, rotary and fixed wing, both in the US and globally.